Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bath redo

A couple-three years ago, my sisters and I did a little bathroom makeover for our mom for Mother's Day. At the time, it worked.....but not for long...thanks to the paint. I picked out a nice light sage green color that worked with the new towels and all. However, once the paint got on the walls, it looked more like a neon green. So thanks to Martha and her bad paint color, it never looked completely right. Now, it has been repainted with a tan, and looks much better.

But while planning for this, I made a 'BATH' sign that had some knobs below it. I painted a base color that matched one of the accent towel colors, then crackled white over it. It looked nice when everything was put together. But with the new bath colors this time around, it was all wrong.

Finally a couple of weekends ago, I tackled the sign again. But due to the original crackle finish, I had to start from scratch on a fresh piece of wood. I also changed up the font, to be a little more fun. The sign looks much better now.

I also finally made one for my brother and sister-in-law. When I helped her redo their bathroom, I said I would make a sign. But I finally got the sign done (well, started and done) the weekend before the 4th. For theirs, I think I did a tan base, followed by crackled brown. Then the 'bath' was tan as well. I then tried to match the blue in the bathroom and put a border around the sign. I still haven't seen the finished product, since I had to leave before the knobs got in. So hopefully I can get over there sometime and take a picture of it.

But here is what mom's looks like close up, and how it looks with the other accessories around it. If you would like one for your bathroom, let me know, I'd be happy to make you one.....for a price. :)

If you notice....the knobs on the sign and the knobs on the box below the towel match. Too bad I can't find them at Hobby Lobby anymore. I really like them!