Thursday, February 26, 2009

Polka Dot Frenzy!

What can you do when you need a quick gift for someone who likes black & white and polka dots? Here is what I did for a family friend that graduated from high school.

This card was the card I wrote on...but I wrote on a removeable piece of paper, so she had another card to reuse. I went with red and black, since those are the school colors.

Here is the little card set that I made for 'S'. I made 2 of each of these cards.

Also, maybe you have noticed....but the 'S' in the red and black card, the 'J' on the band-aid tin, and 'RECIPES' on the recipe tin all used the same fun embellishment. They are called Alphabet Slides - Round, and I got them at Hobby Lobby. I did find them online here. They are fun and cute and easy to find a use for them.

Happy Crafting!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Decorative Window

Do you have any old windows sitting around your house? A friend of mine has lots of old windows, and one afternoon we both did this project. This is just one way to repurpose it.
This window still had all the glass in it, which was great.
Here are the steps involved:
* Clean off any old paint that I could
* Papered and taped off the panes I wanted left clear and used chalk board paint on the other 3
* Apply another coat of the chalk board paint
* Let it dry completely (one of them had my thumb print in it since I was impatient)
* Dry brush paint the window frame black (which means just a little paint on the brush at a give it the look where you can still see the white original paint through it)
* After everything was completely dry, I painted on the wording. For my window I used Live Simply, Laugh Often, Love Deeply. (The wording was different for my friend's, but I can't remember it right now.)
* At the bottom of the window, there are 2 hooks (which you can't see), where I also tied a long piece of twine from it to the piece of chalk
* Intentions for the worded windows was to put pictures in there. But, I can't say that I have done that yet. Actually, I can't say I have done anything with it yet. Hopefully some day I will!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Band-Aid Tin

I made this Band-Aid tin for a friend of mine when it was around her birthday.....and she cut her finger at work. It was a bit of a joke...but a fun and useable one! A little travel first aid kit.

I also used a container like this to hold my single serving Crystal Light and store brand ones. I never got around to decorating it, but maybe I will this year. Since I would carry it in my purse or bag, I'll have to make sure it is mod podged well, so things don't try to fall off.

Recipe Box

I made this recipe box for my 'little' sister, for her wedding shower, about a year ago. We did a play on words, using a recipe theme. And this is the box that organized all the recipes...until it got wet when my parent's basement flooded last spring. They were able to save some of the recipes, but the dividers I made got ruined. And since I used mod podge on the outside of the tin, it saved it! But that reminds me....I need to get going on making some new dividers. Oops!

Here is a look at it now, in their apartment in Germany. (She had a Valentine's Day Party for some of the Cav Ladies.)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tin Fun

Here is a little pail that I decorated for a Valentine swap I am in. Imagine the other side having 'treats' on it, just like the 'sweets'. I thought it turned out pretty great. I then filled it with some of my favorite things.

I have more projects and ideas....I just need the time to do it!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Here Is 1 of 82.....

...invites that I made.

I was asked to make these by my boss. (Not related to work at all! And I have done other things like this....but mainly different newsletters.) After I made this original one, I had to make some alterations. The number I was first told was 50-60. But then I was told 80. So instead of buying more items, I made due with what I had. Because of that, they all don't look alike. But I still like them.
In addition to the purple gingham paper and ribbon, I also had pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and brown. I think they are fun. I just hope the ladies they go out to think the same!