Friday, April 10, 2009

My Cute Stamps

If you are wanting some fun and cute stamps, go on over to My Cute Stamps and check them out! Or go to Creating Cupcakes with me and sign up to win a cute Easter stamp set.

I have decided that I have 2 favorite sets. Think.....NATURE.

This little stamp set is Spunky Nature.

I like the mix of nature in it. Love flowers and leaves, and gotta love some of the little critters that God has blessed our surroundings with.

So to continue on with the nature theme, how about this Little Forest Friends set. Cute, huh? I like all the little critters in this set as well.

There is so much fun-card potential in these 2 sets, I need some kid wrangling gigs so I can buy them!

Now, go on over to My Cute Stamps and see what you can find for yourself!

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