Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Wreath

This year I have been seeing a LOT of wreaths...but square ones. I link of like that...a LOT. So, I thought I would finally venture out and make myself a square wreath. I had nothing extra on hand, so had to purchase everything. I began by adventure by picking up a plain wood frame from Hobby Lobby and an extra swag of greenery at KMart. I had that sitting around my place for a few days, but never got to it since I thought it would be better to use a staple gun instead of my glue gun.

Then on Sunday, I took a trip to another town and visited Michaels. Outside the store in their 'sale' bins, I saw a round wreath for $2. It was fairly small, looked decent, and the wire on the back was nice and bendable.

With the wreath in hand, I proceeded throughout the store, and came across some fun ornaments made for wreaths, that had a wire where the hook normally goes. After I picked out which ornaments I wanted, I proceeded to the Christmas ribbon. I finally decided on a cream/gold ribbon that had some fun swirls in it. Originally, I had a different plan of what I was going to do with this wreath, but that didn't work out, so I used the ribbon in a different way. In the end, it was under $10 for all the supplies to make the wreath.

To begin, the nice and round wreath (with the tag still on it).
I bent the wreath in half both directions in order to get the 4 corners bent for the square.
It's close to being square.
How it looks from the front. It doesn't look entirely square, but it sure doesn't look round. I guess that is what you get when you pick up a 'children's wreath', instead of an adult wreath. But oh well.
After making a mess with the little bit of glitter that is on the ornaments, I worked on my wreath hanger. You can't tell, but this hanger is silver. I grabbed it for dirt cheap at Target after Christmas last year. Since the ornaments have gold in them, I didn't want this silver hook to throw everything off. So I covered it with ribbon. (Not the ribbon shown....that was one of the ribbons I was planning on using, but changed my mind.)
The final product! I like it! I'm very happy with how it turned out. And yes, I know doesn't look centered on my door. At the time, it wasn't. But after removing a nail, I can tell you it now sits centered on the door.
So now go and give this project a whirl. It was really easy. I didn't even use any glue on the ornaments. I just used the wire that was attached to them to wrap around the wreath, and they are staying put.
Happy Crafting!

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Stephanie @ Everything That Is Nice said...

I am lovin' the square wreath...great job "decking your halls"!