Thursday, February 26, 2009

Polka Dot Frenzy!

What can you do when you need a quick gift for someone who likes black & white and polka dots? Here is what I did for a family friend that graduated from high school.

This card was the card I wrote on...but I wrote on a removeable piece of paper, so she had another card to reuse. I went with red and black, since those are the school colors.

Here is the little card set that I made for 'S'. I made 2 of each of these cards.

Also, maybe you have noticed....but the 'S' in the red and black card, the 'J' on the band-aid tin, and 'RECIPES' on the recipe tin all used the same fun embellishment. They are called Alphabet Slides - Round, and I got them at Hobby Lobby. I did find them online here. They are fun and cute and easy to find a use for them.

Happy Crafting!!

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