Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Boo Re-do

A couple weeks ago, I visited the local Salvation Army. I wanted to see what I could find that I could re-do/re-craft and make in to something good. I picked up a few things, and finally worked on one little item late last night. So pardon the pictures...I guess this is what you get at 11pm.

Here is the picture frame I picked up. (At this point in time, I already removed the glass and the back stand piece.
Getting ready to paint the frame. I did nothing to prepare this frame but wipe it off. Next time, instead of going right for the black paint, I will do a base coat to cover up the blue and the little flowers. The reason being...after it dried, I sanded the edges a littel bit, and the blue started showing through. I was fine with it, since one of the papers I used had a little blue in it. After I painted the entire frame (not just where the blue was...since they left some spots bare), I cut out a black piece of cardstock to fit the entire frame. I then cut 3 little pieces of patterned paper and glued them to the black cardstock so they showed through the frame correctly. I then put a b-o-o sticker on each of the different pieces of paper. (I originally thought of having them be glittered...but wasn't in the mood for it last night.) After the stickers were on and everything was together, I decided that the stickers needed a little 'pop'. So I took a gold marker pen that I have and outlined the letters. Not as fun as if I would have used glitter, but I'm fine with that. It suits my style a little more.

And the finished product.
Here's a close up, where you can see the outline of the letters a little better.
Because of having the 'boo' part on one sheet of cardstock, I can easily change this out for every season. Something simple and easy to do with any scraps of paper and stickers. So have fun with it!
Happy Crafting!

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