Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Crafts Galore!

While spending a sick day at home on Tuesday, I thought I would try to be a little productive and work on some craft projects to sell to a friends mom, to stock her new store. The fun thing about the store, I was told that she hopes to sell things that people make or make better.

Here we go. I decided to make some labels for my items. Not exactly ideal...but it worked for now. Anybody have any suggestions of where to get some great and fun tags?

Now on to the first project. I picked up these coasters at Salvation Army. Actually, all of things I made better came from Salvation Army.
I sanded them a bit just to rough them up so the spray adhesive would stick. Then I added the paper, a little inking done to the edges, and there you go.

SO MUCH BETTER! Hmm. Too bad I don't keep these for myself. I'm sure someone will enjoy them.
Up next...more coasters! However, these are tile coasters. I used a variety of stamps, and the black and brown Staz-On stamp pad.
(I have a set of the above for myself. My favorite! 4 different belt buckles.)
I believe the next project was probably one of the most dramatic. I like it a lot! First off, we have gross and boring.
Then we come to this. Clean and rustic looking.
This dome display looked pretty bad as well. I had to take some Goo-Gone to the glass part to clean off who knows what. For the base, I sanded it quite well, both top and bottom.
With a couple layers of brown paint and clean glass, you get this.
Last of the big projects...a little crate for a set of coasters. I sanded the wood just so the paint would stick. And it goes from this...
...to this, in just a few minutes.
And because I didn't think I had enough to do, I decided to finally jazz up some hand sanitizer bottles. I will be taking the 2 right bottles to one of the schools I serve. The counseling secretaries enjoy stamping and making cards, so I thought they would enjoy these as well. The one on the left is for me. I thought I should keep something finally. :)

Finally, I decided to bring some life to a notebook I will be using to keep track of the things I make for Farmgirl Chaos.

I hope you enjoyed what you saw. If you have any questions about any of the projects, please let me know. I'd be happy to help.
Happy Crafting!


D&J said...

Nicole-I LOVE the coasters! Nice work, my friend.

The Mackeys said...

Steph Overman's sister here! What wonderful ideas! I really love the coasters and may do them for some Christmas gifts... so don't be surprised if you see them on the copy cat cottage. :)

Tristan John said...

Wow! You do such cute stuff. I feel a little intimidated to send you a homemade gift! If you could e-mail your address at tjbjohn@gmail.com that would be great!